the project

the partners & their roles

The project consists of several work packages implemented by the different partners. Below you will find a description of these work package and the partners responsible.

Faro Town Hall (Portugal) “Management of the project”

Organisational, administrative, and financial management of the project. Its main aim is to ensure that goals and objectives are met on time through continuous coordination and supervision of the project activities.

Stichting Stadvinderij/ROEF (Netherlands) “Communication, Dissemination & Exploitation of results”

Promotion actions will consist of creating a website, visual identity, communication plan, and multimedia documents. Online presence will ensure the dissemination and mainstreaming of the outputs and outcomes of the project.


Urban Scale Interventions Ltd (UK), Stad Antwerpen (Belgium) “Roofscape Heritage & Community”

Making use of a multimedia mapping of roofscapes done in the 9 partner cities, public events are held to allow for knowledge exchange and collective brainstorming sessions. The results from the creative processes are brochures, strategic documents and local partnerships, mixed media (film, photo), prototypes of rooftop interventions, data renderings, infographics, and participatory artworks.

Coincidencies (Spain), Urban Gorillas (Cyprus) “Roofscape Venues & Medium”

Artists from the 9 participating countries will be invited to take part in transnational exchanges so as to produce individual art projects, exhibitions, performances, community projects, and rooftop interventions. The selection of 4 local artists from 4 different countries and the organisation of participatory workshops will lead to the development of 4 iconic roofscape projects. The artworks will create a unique rooftop sculpture park connecting several European cities.

Stichting Rotterdamse Dakendagen (Netherlands) “Roofscape Sustainability Pilots”

Coalitions are built at the national level, establishing partnerships with private property owners, public authorities, and civil society organisations to support and make possible interventions in the roofscape. Sustainability pilots are built and made accessible to local audiences via educational workshops, study visits, business and employment opportunities, as well as public debates.

Folkstadens ideella förening (Sweden) “Roofscape Network and Legacy”

Staff exchange activities will consolidate and integrate different rooftop festival programmes. A multimedia document will be produced gathering all the project’s efforts and outputs. Activities will focus on expanding the European Creative Rooftop Network beyond its current consortium, and the European scale.

Stadt Chemnitz (Germany) “Roofscape Knowledge and Evaluation”

To develop the roofscape-related skills of the future generation, a transdisciplinary group of 9 young students/professionals will be invited to take part in 9 project meetings. In cooperation with local educational institutions, the 9 partners will conduct research on the project’s method, activities, and its effects/results. To disseminate the outcomes and activities of the project, an international congress will be organised. Its conclusions will lead to a final project publication.

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