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ECRN – european creative rooftop network

The European Creative Rooftop Network (ECRN) is a network of organisations, working ‘together apart’ to use European rooftops as creatively as possible. Why? Because the future lies in this partially undiscovered layer of urban space. From the generation of new places to meet and the creation of cultural breeding grounds, to innovative living labs exploring sustainability – anything is possible. Individually, all these European rooftop pioneers are already making every effort to scale the heights, but partnerships make you stronger and smarter. ECRN creates international connections to maximise local impact.

Let’s aim high!

united for a new perspective

landmark project

Artist Larsen Bervoets (Antwerp, 1979) is a multi-disciplinary and experimental artist. Coming months he will work on 6 different roofs throughout Europe, starting in Gothenburg. His works are characterised by tight geometric compositions that give an impression of ‘a space’. Often in these creations colours and colour patterns create an illusion of an extra dimension.

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European Creative Rooftop Network Congress

Save the Date!

On October 3-4, the European Creative Rooftop Network (ECRN) invites you to Faro, Portugal, for a groundbreaking congress on urban sustainability and the innovative use of rooftop spaces. This event marks the conclusion of a four-year Creative Europe project focused on transforming underutilized rooftops into vibrant, multifunctional urban spaces.

Rooftops offer immense potential for urban sustainability. The ECRN has harnessed the creativity of cities and their residents, uniting municipalities, NGOs, architects, artists, and other stakeholders to pioneer innovative rooftop solutions across Europe.

Formal invitations, registration link, and detailed agendas will follow!


The nine partners of ECRN are working on mapping rooftops in their cities. Check out the Rooftopedia by clicking the link below.