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Find out what’s happening on the rooftops of Europe.

21 April to 6 October '23

Terrats en Cultura Barcelona

Terrats en Cultura is a rooftop festival in Barcelona with a view. A multitude of events (music, dance, comedy, poetry and theatre) will take place on the different roofs scattered throughout the city of Barcelona. The events will take place during the evening so attendees can enjoy the sunset and the gorgeous Mediterranean twilight.

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23 May to 3 June + September '23

DAKkan Antwerp

In 2026 the 450 m² roof on top of library Couwelaar in Antwerp will transform into a green public reading roof. DAKkan wants to show its potential by building a public rooftop terrace with plenty of cultural activities for all ages (23/5-3/6). The DAKkan tours in september will take small groups of people to 3 interesting rooftops in Antwerp. On each tour, people will enjoy a green roof, an architecturally interesting roof and a roof with an artistic act.

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2 June - 3 September '23

Landmark project Göteborg

Artist Larsen Bervoets (Antwerp, 1979) is a multi-disciplinary and experimental artist. Coming months he will work on 6 different roofs throughout Europe, starting in Gothenburg. His works are characterised by tight geometric compositions that give an impression of ‘a space’. Often in these creations colours and colour patterns create an illusion of an extra dimension.

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23 June '23

Rotterdamse Dakendagen

During the Rotterdamse Dakendagen (1-4/6) you can visit the city’s rooftops. The festival’s programme is centred around utilising rooftops in creative ways, as the city becomes more crowded and space is in high demand. Designers and artists let visitors experience the different ways in which rooftops can be used to make the city more lively, sustainable and resilient to the effects of climate change. Bovenop Zuid will also transform the six football fields of space on top of shopping mall Zuidplein (1-30/6) into an art park. 

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7 + 8 July '23

Açoteia – Faro Rooftop Festival

The two-day Faro rooftop festival Acoteia is back with a programme in which it will be possible to visit more than 30 iconic rooftops in the city. The festival will have a strong component linked to culture and art with various exhibitions, music, dance and theatre performances.

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10 September '23

ROEF Amsterdam

ROEF Amsterdam invites you to see the city from a whole new perspective and take in its possibilities for sustainability. This year, ROEF will organise an Open Roof Day. During this event they will focus on Amsterdam’s old city centre. If the monumental buildings there can be transformed, it can be done anywhere. There will be both guided and self-guided tours where participants will be taken to the rooftops and shown the potential of these locations.

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End of September

Pame Kaimakli Festival Nicosia

Pame Kaimakli is a neighbourhood festival organized by the residents of the Kaimakli district and Urban Gorillas in Nicosia. Each yearly edition is curated by Urban Gorillas, who pick an inspiring, socially-minded theme which aims to bring together ideas and practices that respond to contemporary and local urban challenges!

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